Monday, March 19, 2012

A Great Little Place to Eat, worth the drive and possibly the wait :)

This week was a much anticipated week by the locals in this small little community I am proud to call "home". I don't live there any more (at least not right now...) but it is, has been and always will be, home. The name of this wonderful little eatery is Ralph's Cafe. It sits almost in the center of town (Brooks...and yes, I know MANY of you have no idea that Brooks is even a town in Maine). It is next door to the Post Office and across the street from the Town Office and Fire Station.
They are open Wednesday to Saturday from 7am-2pm and Sunday from 8am -2pm...Dinner (or "suppah" if you are a true Maine native) is served from 4-8 on Friday and Saturday.
I went for this seasons first Sunday morning breakfast with some friends. As you can see little Danny liked the chocolate chip pancakes. Personally I recommend the stuffed french toast with strawberry or raspberry on top...mmmm
They have a great lunch menu and one of the new items on the menu that I am anxious to try out is The Cuban... seasoned roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickle, and mustard on a roll pressed on the grill...
If you aren't a meat lover, they have a great variety of vegetarian items for lunch and breakfast.
One of the things I personally enjoy most about this little place is the interior, the items that adorn the walls are interesting and fun to study.
The owners of the Cafe are very involved in the community and on April 7th there will be a fundraiser for the town's annual July 4th celebration. The town population is just over 1000 people but they have one of the best fireworks displays and have for many years. This is a personal near and dear to my heart cause :) I will post some of the images I took at the last July 4th Fireworks another time.
April 7th there will be an Easter Egg hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny in the Community Park at noon and from 1-5 there will be "Pies on Parade", a $10 ticket buys you tasting of 15 different pies that will be at local businesses in town. All proceeds go toward the fireworks this summer. If you are looking for a day out and something different and tasty to do, mark your calendar for this event. If you have questions or want more information, please call Frank Champa (owner of Ralph's Cafe and part of the Brooks Boosters who plan the July 4th events) at 207-722-3893. Tell him "Roxie" sent you :)
And if you cant make it to Ralph's on April 7th, you have until December. Oh and for the avid golfers who may be reading this, Brooks, Maine has an amazing Golf Course with some of the most spectacular views! Make a day of it!

The owner, just shared this with me, so I am adding it to the blog post to show you just a portion of some of the breakfast menu :)


Susan Champa said...

Great pictures and a wonderful review. Thanks.

Roxanne Ashey said...

You are welcome Susan, I only speak the truth :)